Dog kennels provide sixty square feet of exterior exercise area that is surrounded by grass, fenced exercise areas so that your pet can romp and play. Dogs have access to these areas at least three times a day. In the summer a favorite area is the pool.

What you can expect when you pick up your pet… a tired pet. If he’s not tired, we have not done our job which is to make sure they have a good time. If having a good time involves six play times interacting with similar personalities, we have that capability. If it means “chilling out” by itself, we do that. We are in the business of listening to the dog, and letting them tell us what makes them happy, then doing it.

We know pets and we know them well. This is their vacation, too. So expect them to go home and sleep. Nothing is wrong. They’ve just had an exhausting vacation!

Our Kennel is enjoyably different than most. We consider ourselves a “Bed and Biscuit” or “Doggie Play Camp.” We believe in lots of exercise, fresh air, and sunshine. Dogs usually go home and sleep for a week after all the exercise and activities experienced here. The bottom line at Wingmont is having “happy campers.” Wingmont was established over 40 years ago with horse breeding and training and raising Border Collies. The kennel is located on 74 acres of rolling Virginia countryside. In the last 25 years we have evolved to mainly dog and cat boarding services.